FutEUre Food

How does it work?

Project Description

Our Motivation:

Food: we can’t survive without it. But if we want to sustain ourselves in the near future, we have to deal with the food supply in a different way. By 2050, ten billion people are expected to live on our planet. Two billion more than currently, within three decades. This is one of the greatest challenges of our time. To ensure sufficient food for the ever-growing world population, considerable adjustments will be needed. Not only the amount of food is important, but there will definitely be a change in the type of food. This will also bring about cultural changes, because national traditions and customs often have a relationship with food.

But humanity is also facing the problem of climate change. This will have a considerable impact on the cultivation of crops. Which crops can withstand drought or extremely humid conditions? Can vegetables grow in saltwater? Is it safe to eat GMO food?

These are just a few examples of issues this generation and the next will have to deal with. The question is: are today’s young people prepared for this?

How does it work?

„FutEUre Food“ is a project for pupils from five secondary schools in five different European countries. The project will enable 5 exchange Science Weeks. Each exchange involves 24 pupils from the host school and a total of 24 pupils from 3 of the other participating schools. In this way at least 120 secondary school pupils will benefit directly from the project.

These pupils will visit the local university during the exchange, where they will be taught by students and university teachers. At the end of the Science Week they will present what they have learned to primary school students and their teachers. In this way, students and teachers from 3 educational systems will be involved in the project.

Project Number: KA229

Topics: Protein transition (Netherlands), Food, Science & Culture (Spain), Water – an essential food nutrient (Czech Republic), Protecting plants, protecting life (Sweden), Soil preservation and food production (Croatia)