Day 1 – Prague

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The morning of the first day was all about introductory activities. We were welcomed by the headmaster, then we explained what the outcomes of the whole science week should be, and also shared the schedule and what to expect. There was a lecture given by a PhD candidate from the H2Ospodař! non-profit organization, Mr Jakub Med, who emphasized the importance of educating the public about drinking water and anything regarding its treatment, pollution and sustainability. After a short break, we moved on to teambuilding activities, such as “Find Someone Who” and Kahoot which contained trivia about all four countries. Then it was time for the groups to choose topics they would be researching for the rest of the week. We managed this by providing the groups with an article called “This is why water is essential for life on Earth… and perhaps the rest of the Universe” and a set of questions related to it on the Quizziz platform. The most successful groups had the chance to pick their topics first. After lunch, we relocated to a smaller classroom to work on the analysis of the drinking water samples the students had brought from their homes. In their teams, they collected data about various elements which were present in the samples. The outcome of the water analysis was especially relevant to Team 6, which had chosen the topic of water quality. In the afternoon, we took a train to the centre of Prague to play some bowling, which helped the teams to bond even more.