Day 5 – Dordrecht

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Day five. The final day of the project. After days of research and preparation, now was the moment of truth. The articles for the magazine had been handed in and the pitches were ready and tested. 

At 10.00, pupils from the Repelaer primary school and a first class from our own school arrived. They went through all the pitches in 8-minute rounds. It was very impressive how the students and the spectators kept their attention. The pitches went smoothly and there was a lot of interaction between the students and the visitors. Truly worthy of a final day. Meanwhile, students from the University of Wageningen read the magazine. They expertly decided which article they thought was the best. 

After all rounds had been completed, people could vote. Each visiting pupil was allowed to cast two votes for the pitch they thought most successful. 

This was followed by the award ceremony. 

The winners for the best article were:

1: Edible bugs as future food

2: Seaweed as future food

3: Food waste

The winners for best pitch were:

1: Plant-based meat

2: Edible bugs as future food

3: Seaweed as future food

After the award ceremony and a delicious sandwich lunch, this fantastic exchange week really came to an end. 

It was a week in which a lot was learned, and not only about the subject of food. The international contacts that were made were at least as valuable as the execution of the project itself. Until the next exchange!