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Lucie Škarupová, Czechia

Prague, 6 o‘clock in the morning, 8 people and 16 hours on a train ahead of us – that was the beginning of our trip from the Czech Republic to the Netherlands for the purpose of FutEUre Food project. 

Cool, right? 

And yeah, it was definitely cool! The topic of our week was Protein Transition, aka how can our eating habits become more sustainable and how can we as individuals impact the future with our actions?

We stayed in host families that were just amazing, and since everyone bikes in the Netherlands, we got to bike E V E R Y W H E R E! We worked on our projects in international groups for the whole week. Each group got a topic and had to write a magazine article and then prepare a pitch about their topic for middle schoolers. The topics varied, ranging from seaweed to school canteen to edible insects. Again, cool, right?

But it wasn‘t all about work! Since students from Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and Czechia were there, it was also about globalization, cultural appreciation, making new friendships and memories. We got to visit Rotterdam, the second biggest city in the Netherlands, and it was breathtaking! But not only Rotterdam, also Dordrecht, the city where we stayed was beautiful and we got to see a bit of it. 

The exchange lasted 5 days, but it was like a blink of an eye. What can I say, time goes faster when you are having fun, right?