Day 4- Prague

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Thursday was all about working on the team projects, i.e. writing articles and preparing activities for pitches. Even though the whole day was spent in our lecture hall, it was no obstacle for the students to have a lot of fun. Actually, they created a very nice and friendly atmosphere by having an idea to play some of their favorite music and listen to it while working. After lunch, the teachers helped with finishing the articles, proofread them and made sure they met all the criteria. We rearranged all the tables so that the teams could prepare their pitches for a test run. They had to present their topics and try out all the activities with other teams and teachers, so that they could obtain some valuable feedback for final tweaks. In the afternoon, a group of students decided to play floorball in the school gym to stretch their legs after a long day of working on the projects, and then left to spend the rest of the day with their hosts.