Day 5 – Prague

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Friday was the D-Day of the whole project. Since our school is certified as fair-trade, a group of students prepared a lovely breakfast and a presentation about what fair trade actually means. Then the teams had an hour to put finishing touches to their pitches. At 10 am we were joined by 30 middle school pupils from an elementary school in Přerov. They were divided into 8 groups and the teams started presenting their projects. Each pitch was precisely 8 minutes long and it was done a total of 8 times. Everything went smoothly, our students tried their best to explain the complex topics in a simple way and the pupils seemed to have a lot of fun while partaking in the activities. Afterwards, each pupil received 3 tokens which they used for voting for the best team. In the meantime, there were two PhD candidates from the University of Life Sciences whose task was to read our FutEUre Food Magazine, analyse the articles and choose the best ones. 

After lunch, we all gathered in the lecture hall for the award ceremony. Except for the best articles and pitches, two students of our Media Communication study program announced the winners of the photography contest, which actually took place before the science week itself as a preparatory online activity.

Here is a list of the winners:

Best three articles:
1. Team 8: The Pollution of Water Sources 2. Team 6: Water Quality 3. Team 4: The Future of water

Best three pitches:
1. Team 5: Water Consumption at Home 2. Team 3: The Importance of Water for Health 3. Team 1: Water Cycle

Best three photos:
1. Ahmetcan 2. Valentýna 3. Axel

To wrap up the whole science week, we all gave ourselves a well-deserved round of applause. The students did such a great job not only while working on the projects, but also interacting with each other no matter where they came from. We are certain they gained a lot of new skills, made many new friends and created memories that will last a lifetime.