Day 4- Bedekovcina

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On Thursday, students continued working on project activities at school. As the articles were completed, everyone turned to digital posters to finalize and prepare them for print. Also, everyone worked on perfecting speech ideas and perfecting works with art materials. Around 11 o’clock, everyone boarded the bus to tour the Pregrada town, the museum, and the castle. In Pregrada, the students visited the Pregrada Museum: Geological, Numismatic and Pharmaceutical Museum and had escape room activities in the fields of geology, numismatics, and pharmacy. Everyone had lunch in the museum and after that followed a visit to the Veliki Tabor castle. It took a while to walk to the castle and when we got there, we were greeted by a costumed English-speaking guide. In the castle, everyone had the opportunity to see what life looked like during historical periods in this area. After visiting the castle, everyone traveled to school by bus and continued socializing with the hosts.