Day 3 – Prague

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The first half of the third day was spent at the University of Life Sciences. We were welcomed by an international relations officer, who introduced us to the location and structure of the institution, its campus, faculties, as well as study programmes. Afterwards, a PhD student gave a lecture on the importance and functioning of wetlands in urban environments, which was followed by a guided tour of the campus. There we had a chance to explore a vertical garden, an example of wetland, a zoo and a greenhouse. Everything we saw was related to the topic of water sustainability. Last but no least, we enjoyed a beautiful view of Prague from one of the faculty building’s rooftops. In the afternoon, we travelled back to the centre of Prague for lunch and a cruise on the Vltava river, which offered a picturesque scenery full of the most famous landmarks of the city. After that, the students did some more sightseeing on their own and spent time with their host families.