High Schools

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Insula College, Halmaheiraplein, The Netherlands www.insulacollege.nl

Střední Odborná škola pro administrativu Evropské Unie, The Czech Republic www.skolaeupraha.cz

Srednja škola Bedekovčina, Croatia http://ss-bedekovcina.skole.hr/?loginfailed=1

Liceo Monjardín, Spain  www.liceomonjardin.net/

Lundellska skolan, Sweeden www.lundellska.nu/

Lundellska skolan is a public school that dates back to 1892. It is a popular school among the pupils in Uppsala and has about 1200 students. It is a school for all, regardless of socio-economic background and all our students are ambitious and motivated. The school has approximately 130 staff members and teachers and is located in beautiful natural surroundings. We are also an ambassador school for EPASP. 

Our students are divided into mainly four programmes; Business Management and Economics, Social Science, Natural Science and Health and Social Care. The students that will join this project attend the Natural Science Programme and will be between 17 and 19 years old. 

Liceo Monjardín is a subsidized private school located in Pamplona, in the north of Spain. It is economically supported by the educational department of Navarra.  

Our Students range from 1 to 18 years old. The school is run by the staff so most of the teachers are involved directly in the school development, which is a source of great pride. In recent times the school is paying a special attention to innovation implementing new methodologies, as STEM methods and interdisciplinary project work. The centre also has an extensive experience regarding ICT in the classroom. As for languages, our students start learning English at nursery school and take both English and French at primary school. In fact, we are a Cambridge and DELF exam preparation centre. Sport is an important part of our education and therefore the school continuously organises physical sport activities both during and outside school hours. 

Srednja škola Bedekovčina is the biggest vocational school in Krapina-Zagorje County and has three departments: agriculture, medicine, and construction department. There are 577 students; and 140 employees of whom 86 are teachers and expert assistances. The school’s dormitory accommodates 180 students. Vocational 3-year programmes are various craft and industry programmes; 4-year programmes are: construction technician and architectural technician, physiotherapist and agro technician; general care nurse is 5-year programme. Integral parts of the school are Pedology laboratory and Factory production control certification body with Laboratory for building materials testing. Ecology and natural heritage preservation are modules of vocational agricultural subjects and citizenship education curricula. 

The Secondary School for Administration of EU was founded in 2004 and we are a big open student friendly institution opened to students from all social backgrounds. 

Our school has a strong position in the capital city and in the Central Bohemia Region. In the school year 2019/2020 863 pupils study in 29 classes. Thanks to the boarding house located next to the school, our students also come from all the regions of the Czech Republic. 

 The students are 15-20-year-old and are educated in full time programmes for four years.  All students finish their education with a school-leaving exam. Our secondary vocational education involves studies at school and work-based learning in companies or public sector. The school has a close relationship with companies or institutions where students have their internships, so there is a relation between theory and practice. The school has a young and professional team of 72 teachers. 

 Our students have a choice of five world languages (English, German, French, Russian and Spanish,) two of which are obligatory; English is compulsory for all students and the other language is of their own choice. 

Insula College is a comprehensive school of Christian nomination and part of the H3O foundation, which includes different institutions, amongst which several primary schools. It has 1100 pupils of different backgrounds from Dordrecht and its surroundings.  

Insula College has 80 teachers and 30 staff members. It is situated in Dordrecht, which surrounded by large rivers and close to Rotterdam, a metropole with an international focus. Internationalization for pupils and staff is a main goal in the school policy. We want to equip our pupils with skills for a future which is unknown because of the rapid development of new technologies, robotics and digitalization.  Insula offers and develops multi-level teaching to suit the needs of every pupil.  

A major renovation of the school in 2016 has created a modern rich learning environment in which pupils and teachers can develop education of the future, as described by ‚Platform Onderwijs 2032‘, a modern school should provide opportunities for pupils to develop their skills and deepen their knowledge based on their capacities and interests. The focus is on i-learning: every pupil owns a device, either MacBook or iPad.  

Recently our school has taken a major step in becoming a school with a student-centered approach, to help motivate our pupils, and have pupils take charge of their learning process.  

As a former Universum school, a special focus is placed on science and technology, using a network of schools and universities to collaborate. A further stimulus for pupils is provided by the participation in annual national contests in several science subjects.