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Ondřej Soukup, Czechia

Our journey begins in the beautiful airport of Prague. We met at 4AM (why).  We had 2 flights ahead of us. First to Munich and second to Bilbao. The flights took about 3 and half hours. These were the first hours of our journey. Now for the part that was actually fun.

The topic was… well you see it’s a bit complicated. We actually had 10 topics for 10 groups that we were going to work with. We had a presentation and then a pitch (fancy way to say game I guess). We worked on this project the whole week always from 9 in the morning to 2 PM. 

About Pamplona: The city was amazing. Beautiful city full of modern and old buildings. The school was also interesting in many ways. First of all it had a cathedral IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCHOOL. Second of all it had nursery, primary, secondary and a high school all in one building. 

Well to be honest we didn’t always spend our time in the school. For example on Tuesday we went to the University of Navarra. It was quite fun. That’s not what you expect in school and especially university. We extracted iron from cereals and then we listened to interesting presentations about environment and our health. 

We also went bowling (I won). 

We also visited San Sebastian. The city was something else. We visited beach, McDonalds and many shops. The buildings were also looking very good. It was like a mix between modern architecture and old architecture.

We met many new friends and many nice people from all of Europe (Spain, Sweden, Croatia). The overall environment was amazing and we all got along super well. Cannot wait to visit Spain in the future. Also almost forgot families which were super nice and super friendly. 

The exchange lasted 5 days. The food was amazing, people nice and project was fun. Honestly that’s all that matters.