Global Challenge Youth Institute (Wageningen + Uppsala)

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Global Challenge Youth Institute (Wageningen + Uppsala)

SLU Youth Institute and Wageningen Youth Institute aim to create interest among European youth for global food security and to find sustainable solutions to the global challenges based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. SLU Youth Institute and Wageningen Youth Institute are part of many Youth Institutes coordinated by the World Food Prize Foundation in the US. 

Many of our students did participate in the Global Challenge. At this event, participating high school students have the opportunity to:

  • Present research and recommendations on ways to solve key global challenges in a short speech and small group discussions with experts
  • Connect with other high school students to share ideas, identify solutions to these problems and build lasting friendships
  • Explore the issues, current research, and opportunities to make a difference
  • Interact with researchers, global leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs working to end hunger and poverty and improve food security around the world.
  • Write a short essay related to food security in any country different from their own.

The reports get evaluated by The World Food Prize Board of Reviews. This distinguished group of educators and experts were established to personally encourage the high school students. Reviewers write thoughtful, personalised feedback to each student who participates in the Youth Institute.

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